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Baby Acne on The Face – Can CBD Help?

Baby Acne on The Face - Can CBD Help?

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Newborn babies are delicate and need constant care, even at the best of times they can be cranky and upset easily by things. An outbreak of baby acne is a nightmare for parents (not to mention the baby his/herself). The itching, scratching, pain and irritation caused by baby acne on the face can stop a baby from sleeping properly, eating, resting or just being the little bundle of joy they are meant to be.

Parents are increasingly aware of the way that the environment a baby is exposed to changes the baby’s future. One factor in altering their development is the medications they sometimes have to take. A strong course of antibiotics as a baby or infant can increase the risk of developing asthma in later childhood. Parents will therefore be concerned about giving a child a drug like CBD. Currently, there is no evidence that shows that cannabis extracts are harmful in the long run, but there is no evidence either way.

The tiny red bumps or tiny white bumps on your baby’s face in early infancy are called milia. It is a very common skin condition. Baby acne treatment generally involves washing the affected areas with warm water, moisturizing the baby’s skin and keeping the baby clean. Unfortunately, just to wash your baby is sometimes not enough, so acne treatments are looked for.

The causes of baby acne can be heat rash, contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction and stress, and is thought to be related to cradle cap. It is definitely different from adolescent acne. Unlike adolescent acne, baby acne usually clears after a few weeks but when it does continue treatments are sought.

One such treatment is CBD. Only recently legalized in some parts of the world, cannabinol, or CBD, is one of the extracts of the cannabis plant that is attracting a lot of attention for its beneficial effects. It is important to stress how little proper scientific evidence there is for any CBD treatments. The studies that do exist are small, often without controls or double blinds, and are therefore hard to make representative. This is a problem for people who are deciding what kinds of treatments to take, especially with something as delicate as a baby’s face. Newborn skin is very sensitive, and leaving acne can cause scars, so finding a treatment that is both effective against acne and suitable for the sensitive baby’s skin is tough.

Breast milk is full of antibodies and is vital to a child’s immune system setting itself up properly. When a child is given antibiotics, this can disrupt that process and cause long-term damage. The hope is that CBD can give as effective a treatment for newborn acne as antibiotics, but without the health risks.

In lab tests and human tests, CBD appears to be a very tolerable drug. Very few people have adverse side effects, and when they do, they are not at all severe. It is a remarkably non-toxic drug, with no known toxic dose and basically impossible to overdose on. For this alone, it is worth investigating as a treatment for baby acne on the face.

It sounds a like a crazy idea: giving cannabis to babies. This is largely due to the misinformation that is everywhere about cannabis. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, so the baby will not perceive any changes or feel ‘stoned’. There is absolutely no risk of the baby getting high.

CBD has proven anti-inflammatory effects. The redness, swelling, itching and soreness of acne is due to the inflammatory response of the body. By toning this down a little, CBD can help the condition to be less irritating for the baby. When a baby can sleep better, they are less likely to feel stressed and therefore the acne is more likely to go away. There is also evidence that CBD helps to fight some forms of infection, but it is not well understood.

For concerned parents who are looking for an effective way of treating baby acne on the face, CBD is only a possibility. There is nowhere near enough evidence to say whether it will be effective on this form of acne, but what evidence does exist points to it being a good treatment.

The safety of CBD makes it an ideal candidate for experimentation. Try it on a small unaffected area before applying to the acne. Where CBD is legal, parents could bring up the potential of using it as a treatment for their baby’s acne with their paediatrician. They will have the best advice as to whether it is worth a try or not, and the guidance of the paediatrician should not be disregarded.

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