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Acne Scar Removal With CBD: Does it Work?

Acne Scar Removal CBD

Young woman holds magnifying glass up to her skin with has sever acne scaring.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant. A lot of stories have spread about this product, its healing powers and its effectiveness against acne scars. Additionally, CBD oil is also claimed to be effective against other conditions, like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

CBD is extracted from the marijuana or hemp plant (both varieties of the cannabis plant), but it has no psychoactive effect as it contains a low quantity of THC, which is the substance that gives weed or marijuana its psychoactive properties. In fact, there is so little THC in CBD that it is inconsequential. As a result, the oil will not get you ‘high’ or addicted.

3 Ways CBD Treats Acne Scars

  1. Regulate Oil Secretion
  2. Cannabidiol oil can act as a sebostatic agent and regulate oil secretion in the body. It can be applied topically or taken orally for it to have this effect. It calms down the oil glands in your skin and prevents excess production of oily sebum.

    It can treat and prevent the clogging of the pores on the skin, making it a reliable product for curing and preventing acne scars. It is a natural product and is unlikely to lead to any side effect whatsoever, which makes it one of the safest oils for acne.

  3. Effect Against Inflammation
  4. Cannabidiol oil equally reduces swelling and inflammation on the skin, making it an obvious acne treatment. Acne is naturally an inflammatory disease; it causes the skin’s pores to get inflamed, irritated and reddened. The inflammation can also become systematic, leading to continuous muscle pain and serious joint disorders.

    One of the only reliable solutions in such cases is the use of cannabinoid oil. Regular use of the oil can bring help to reduce inflammation and get rid of acne scars fast. Acne is related to inflammation, and the oil is effective against all kinds of inflammation, including acne inflammation.

  5. Stress Reduction
  6. One other property of cannabidiol oil that makes it effective against acne scar is its ability to reduce stress. It can also work against depression and anxiety, which are some of the main factors that predispose to acne breakout. The product can reduce stress because it can reduce the heart rate and help you to relax.

    This stress-reduction ability of the oil makes it effective against Chronic Unpredictable Stress (CUS). Aside from being an outcome of stress, acne can also lead to stress. This is because stress causes an increase in cortisol, which makes the skin a breeding ground for acne by increasing the amount of sebum produced by the skin. Cannabidiol oil takes stress, excess oil and inflammation out of the way and, therefore, breaks the vicious cycle of acne formation.

CBD (also known as Cannabis oil) has several health benefits and is effective against several skin conditions. It activates receptors which are found in the sebaceous glands in the skin. They are responsible for oil production and CBD restores balance to them (meaning it stops them from producing too much oil which is the main cause of acne). Obviously, this is huge relevance to acne sufferers.

Also very relevant to acne sufferers is the anti inflammatory properties which CBD has been found to contain. These properties help to calm the skin which reduces the sore swollen appearance and addresses the embarrassment of having patchy red skin on the face or other affected area.

Cannabidiol CBD oil also acts as an anti-aging product. Its anti-inflammatory effect rejuvenates skin cells by removing dead skin cells. It prompts the production of collagen too, which is proven to have a huge impact on the aging of our skin. It improves blood flow so that more blood will flow through the skin in microcirculation to nourish the skin and make it look smoother and more beautiful. Furthermore, it can reduce the activities of free radicals on the skin.

CBD oil can reduce stress, tame inflammation and regulate the amount of oil produced in your skin. These features make it one of the most reliable natural products for treating acne scars. It is unlikely to lead to any side effects since it is a natural product. Furthermore, the oil can be used for by both genders and people of all age groups for curing acne scars.

However, it is important to remember that much more research is needed into the effects of CBD oil on acne and other conditions. So far, the results are very promising. But they are by no means conclusive.

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