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Acne is a very common skin ailment and CBD (cannabidiol) and medical cannabis are emerging as great alternative treatments for it. Acne is prolific for being the bain of any teenagers existence but it can also affect adults as well.

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It is a skin condition which can appear anywhere on the body but it is usually found on the face, back and shoulders. In regards to beauty most people usually hate having acne as it breaks their skin out in painful red spots and sores making them feel ugly and unattractive.

Acne is so prolific it affects around 50 million Americans every year. Since acne can have serious long term effects on people both physically and mentally it is great news that cannabis is being researched as a new natural side effect free alternative.

Our resources will help to further educate you on the causes and origins of acne and what treatments are being used to treat it as well as new and emerging details. This will include potential CBD and medical cannabis based treatments as well as their benefits (reducing inflammation) and limitations (having to smoke cannabis) i.e. why they work for some people and why they didn’t work for others.

We also provide responsible sources so you can fully understand the potential side effects (tiredness, dehydration or feeling hungry) attributed to any treatment whether they are modern opiate or cannabis based treatments.

For Acne there are a wide range of treatments you can learn about which all have CBD and medical cannabis based versions of them. Examples of these treatments are skin creams, ointments and various natural oil combinations.