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Welcome to the beauty page of cannabisMD where we will provide you with a vast array of beauty related articles and detail how the use of numerous cannabis strains, cannabidiol and vaping could influence your appearance.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What this means is that we as individuals decide what is beautiful to us. Beauty can be seen in the shape of a sun set, as someone we love, or experienced through music and food. In most cases, it all boils down to how we look and what we see others. In some instances, it is based on a superficial point of view but in other cases it can be based on health or how natural someone looks.

At cannabisMD, we provide educational resources based on beauty which currently relate to; acne, skin care, burns, anti-aging and cold sores to name a few. Our aim is for you to educate yourself on possible issues and changing trends within these areas. We ensure our articles are accurate and provide useful advice in regards to causes, potential treatments, benefits and limitations of our suggested treatments.

This balanced approach will allow you to fully understand the topics you are reading from both a broad view, and in other scientific cases, a specific point of view. For example, one of the main topics we talk about are the benefits and limitations of certain cannabis based treatments for various illnesses. It has been long understood that cannabis could provide potential medical benefits but within our articles we detail what these treatments are, and how they actually work.

Further to this, it is understood that CBD (cannabidiol) oil, one of the many powerful extracts from cannabis, is useful against inflammation. This means it can be very effective against inflammatory based beauty issues such as the ones we have mentioned above, i.e. acne, cold sores, burns, aging and overall skin care.

Various treatments you may read about will range from modern opiate based options, as well as newly emerging CBD and medical cannabis based treatments. These can range from vaping oils, ingestible oils, different cannabis strains, and edible food based treatments that you can obtain through drinks, cookies, sweets and the ever popular brownies.