CBD Oil And THC Oil For Vape Pens: A Comparison

A comparison on CBD and THC oil for vape pens

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Vaping is becoming more and more popular by the week, or so it seems. The number of people who’ve used vaping to finally stop smoking cigarettes really is astounding. But vaping has expanded far beyond this purpose and become a widely enjoyed activity of its own. As a group activity to enjoy with friends, it is much like shisha smoking which has been popular for thousands of years according to sources

As the practice becomes more popular, it has also become more acceptable in society. This has led to the development of the vaping industry which appears to be positively booming. Vape stores are cropping up in every town and city across the United States and online stores are increasing in both number and quality. The range of vapes being designed, produced and sold is also diversifying rapidly to cater to customers’ varying needs.

Vaping CBD and THC

More recently many people have begun using vapes to treat their medical conditions and illnesses, particularly using CBD and THC. Both are compounds found in the cannabis plant which are believed to have remarkable medicinal properties. While they are found in the same plant, both are quite unique.

CBD is the compound receiving the most attention for its medicinal benefits. THC is the compound which causes the high associated with recreational cannabis use. Many people want to take advantage of the health benefits of cannabis without having a high which could impair their functionality in day to day life. This is why CBD has become the oil of choice for most people. 4 Fun Facts About CBD and THC You Didn’t Know!

Many medical marijuana patients are choosing to take their medicine in the form of marijuana concentrate or cannabis concentrate for vaping. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Many people enjoy the vaping experience and the flavours that they can add to their oil cartridges. Lots of medical marijuana or medical cannabis dispensaries stock a wide range of flavours. Choosing which flavours to buy can add a little bit of fun to the treatment process of someone suffering from a serious medical condition. This is especially true for chronic patients.
  2. Vaping the oils means the effects are felt more quickly than if it is ingested or applied topically, depending on the condition for which it’s being used. If a patient is vaping cannabis oil for the management of pain, a fast-acting solution is definitely preferable.

Vaping Oil vs Vaping Dry Herbs

Those who do decide to vape cannabis for medicinal use have to choose between vaping oils or vaping dry herb, or plant matter as it is sometimes called. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

  • Dry herb is generally more affordable. However, it is also less potent.
  • Oil, on the other hand, is a little bit more costly but thought to be much more effective.
  • Furthermore, if the patient wants to avoid THC altogether oil is the best option for them. Some strains of cannabis contain much lower amounts of THC than others, but it is always present in some amount.

The choice a person makes very much depends on what they are using it for and what effect they most desire. Of course, the legal status of cannabis in the patient’s’ state is also a very important factor to consider.

Vaporizer Pens

Whether you’re interested in vaping CBD or THC, the decision to use oil or dry herb has consequences when it comes to what kinds of vaping devices are available to you. Some vaporizers are only built to accommodate oils and vape cartridges. Others can vape dry material and oils. There are even devices on the market that will vape dry material, oil and wax. Vape pens generally only accommodate concentrate or oil. They tend to be very sleek, discreet and portable.

The more robust vaporizers which can vape dry material tend to be more focused on functionality than sexy design. These devices allow temperature control. This allows the users to minimise the release of THC altogether by setting the temperature at a certain point. By doing this, they can prevent any high from use while maintaining the benefits of CBD.

The type of vaporizer chosen very much boils down to the desired effect that the user is after. The range of vaporizers on the market is growing by the day. It can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Thankfully, there are a huge amount of product reviews online that detail the various features of new vape models to the market. Most of these reviews are extremely comprehensive. It would be really unwise to purchase your first vape without reading some reviews on it first.

One of the great advantages to using vape pens is the range of vape juices that are available to you. Why not combine your CBD or THC with your favourite essential oil, like lavender oil, for a bespoke experience and effect? Just remember when you’re buying your oil, whichever one you choose, to examine the ingredients carefully. Many have chemicals such as propylene glycol added to them.

Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty
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