Product Review: CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Cleanser

CBDfx CBD oil product used for face cleansing.

Beauty writer Marie Lodi tried CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Cleanser — the verdict is mixed. Image Credit: cannabisMD.

Over the past year, as both a beauty and cannabis writer, I’ve been at the frontlines of this wild and utterly confusing world of CBD beauty. And while I’d consider myself a proponent of CBD (and have used CBD topicals that have improved my skin), I’ve also seen products and claims that are questionable, at best. So it’s been important for me to both research and personally test these products to see if they really work they way they say they do. First up is a CBD face cleanser.

CBDfx is an all-encompassing CBD brand, meaning they make everything from CBD vaporizers, gummies, tinctures, pet products — you name it, they’ll (mostly) have it. Its topical line offers an impressive range of options that we haven’t really seen much of yet in the CBD beautysphere. Products such as face masks and facial cleanser are sold alongside more typical CBD beauty products like balms and creams. While this may give CBDfx an advantage over other cannabidiol-based brands, it also gives me pause, because I’m not convinced that we need to put CBD in every single skin care product

The newer line in CBDfx’s skin-care collection is Rejuvediol, which, from both its luxe packaging and higher price point, seems to be the highest end of the brand’s lineup. Rejuvediol, which is offered as a serum, massage oil, and the aforementioned cleanser, pairs CBD with curated botanical extracts in order to target anti-aging and, per its name, rejuvenate the skin. This all sounds great, but I’m mostly curious about the cleanser. While I’ve tried creams and serums, this would be my first time using aCBD face wash. And I have to admit I was not so sure about it: Do I really want to put precious (expensive!) CBD on my skin only to wash it off immediately? With this in mind, I decided to try the cleanser as my nighttime face wash for a week.

Does the Rejuvediol CBD Face Cleanser Actually Work?

The CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Cleanser includes CBD as well as detoxifying charcoal, soothing mint, and other botanicals such as willow bark, which can work as a natural exfoliant, and green tea extract, which is an antioxidant. It contains 50mg of broad spectrum CBD, which is important to me as I always prefer it to CBD isolate. (I’m a believer in the entourage effect!) My first impression of the packaging is that it’s well-made and looks expensive. It comes in a black glass bottle and a pump, and reminds me a little bit of chic Aesop handsoaps. The charcoal gives the liquid formula a goth appearance (always a plus, personally). As for the scent, it’s a minty, grass-like aroma that conjures the woods in Massachusetts, in a nice, nostalgic way. 

I usually double-cleanse as part of my nighttime routine, but mostly when I’m wearing a full face of makeup. So I tested the cleanser both ways, as a solo cleanser and as my second wash. When combined with water, the formula produces a nice lather and it removed most of my makeup the first time out, though I still double cleansed. (You need to get all of that mascara off!)

I did feel like my skin was super clean, thanks to the charcoal, which can also help treat acne, and the mint left a nice, cooling sensation. I loved how my skin felt every time I used it. 

That being said, while I do love this as a cleanser, I’m not completely sold on the CBD aspect of it. It seems like a waste to put quality CBD into a skin care product that will just get washed off. I am into the idea of Rejuvediol line and think the ingredients are well thought out, but when it comes to CBD, I’d rather focus on something that will sit on my skin. However, if you’re just looking for a good cleanser, this is a decent choice, but only if you’re already OK with spending more than drugstore prices — at $40, the cleanser is in the same price tier as brands like Tatcha and Drunk Elephant. You can find CBDfx at the brand’s website and Urban Outfitters.

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Marie Lodi
Marie Lodi
Marie Lodi is a LA-based writer and editor covering beauty, fashion, and cannabis. She is also the co-host of Fishnet Flix, a podcast about fashion in film and runs the food blog The Bloodfeast.

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