Firefly 2 vs. Pax 3

Pax 3 vs the Firefly

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When it comes to portable vaporizers, there are a lot of options available. And of course, deciding on which of the top models to get it can be tough to choose. With so many choices it can be hard to distinguish between this or that vaporizer. So today we took two of the best, the Firefly 2 and the Pax 3, and dived in. Both devices have their die-hard fans who both claim that they’re the best in the world, so let’s dive in and see which one really has what it takes.

Both of these vaporizers feature apps that add further ease of use and add dynamics to your heating capabilities. Each unit works just fine without the app, of course. Without it, the Firefly 2 defaults to a medium-high heat and you can still cycle through your heat settings on the Pax 3 using the mouthpiece. I’d have to give the edge to the Pax 3 here.

When it comes to functionality and ease of use, the Pax 3 and Firefly 2 are practically tied. Using similarly clever and intuitive designs both vaporizer companies have made waves in the vaping community. Each has the capability to vape either concentrates or dried herbs and both have an app that adds a new dimension to your vaping.

The scales tip towards the Pax 3 for ease, however, because there are a few different ways you can use and operate it. While the Firefly 2 is incredibly easy to use the heating sensors on its sides restrict the way you can hold it and aren’t always so discreet to operate.

The body of the Pax 3 is slim and fits well in your hand. Coupled with the flat mouthpiece, too, it’s a highly discreet vaporizer to carry around. Also you can go through temperature settings without reopening the app, this gives the Pax 3 a slight edge in usability over the Firefly 2.

Heating and Vaping Performance

Both of these vaporizers provide an enjoyable vaping experience and are capable of producing delicious vapor. The Firefly 2 has a faster heating time, ready in just a few seconds, and capable of producing quality vapor. The Pax 3, on the other hand, takes a little more time to reach desired temperatures. This wasn’t the worst thing though because I felt assured that the herbs had reached the adequate temperature to heat my material.

Despite being quick to heat, the Firefly 2, wasn’t great for producing real clouds of vapor but it was consistent in getting flavor which is always a plus for us. The vapor clouds coming off of the Pax 3 were far more substantial and by adjusting your settings you could get more flavor and fewer clouds.

Overall, the Pax 3 will bowl you over with its power despite not being as consistent as the Firefly 2. The slightly bigger chamber on the Pax 3 allows you to pack in a little more material which is always a plus for me. And Pax 3 offers more control over your vaping experience even without the app.

Which One Is Best?

It’s a sign of how great each of these vaporizers are that the clincher comes down to the price tag. While they are highly similar, perform great, and either would be a wonderful vaporizer to own the Pax 3 is a bit cheaper than the Firefly 2 while still offering quality. It is also worth noting that if you look at places around the world. The Mighty Vaporizer in Canada is beating everything hands down.

Added to that the Pax is also a good deal more discreet its opponent. This is in part due to its buttonless design and also due to the heating sensors on the side of the Firefly 2 which can give you away as you use it. Either one is highly capable of serving all your vaporizing needs. They both are sleek and well designed and represent the next steps in their product’s evolution.

Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty
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