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Cassandra treats IBS with CBD

Video Credit: The IBS Academy

Cassandra Hope is the founder of The IBS Academy. Cassandra is also a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN). She relates to herself as a “fellow IBS warrior”. In this video, Cassandra talks about CBD oil and how it can play a role with benefiting people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). She describes CBD oil as “The nonpsychoactive part of hemp plants or marijuana plants“.

Cassandra researched cannabidiol CBD as she had very little, to no knowledge on how medical cannabis improved people’s quality of life. She questioned how people saw noticeable health benefits, concentrating on people with IBS.

Smoking Cannabis For A Summer – The Results

Cassandra smoked marijuana over the summer and noticed that it improved her symptoms of IBS. These improved symptoms included: gut health, bowel habits, sleeping pattern, and her anxiety. She also noticed that her water retention decreased.

Cassandra explains that CBD plays the role in supporting the nervous and immune system, and she had a massive positive outcome with the side effects of using CBD products.

Since Cassandra starting taking capsules containing ground hemp plants, she said “There has been no liver support, no multivitamin, no multi-mineral, no tincture homeopathic. Nothing has worked for me the way that this has”.

For thirty years, Cassandra has suffered from chronic pain inflammation and mood disorders. Since using CBD oil, she no longer suffers from any of the above. If she needs a boost of CBD, she turns to a strain of CBD oil that is diluted with water. She takes this through a tincture. This has really improved her digestive tract, bowel movements, and her productivity throughout the day.

Before taking CBD oil, you should research the product. If THC is illegal in your country or state, make sure that you purchase CBD oil with 0.3% THC or less. Also, speak to your doctor and go about it the right way.

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