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According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, 27 percent of U.S. adults struggle to fall or stay asleep. In fact, 68 percent — that’s around 160 million Americans — spend at least one night per week experiencing sleep disruptions and restlessness. 

While most of us know our sleep challenges are an annoyance, we may not realize just how seriously they could impact our health. Scientists have connected sleep deprivation with a variety of chronic health disorders, from Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s to high blood pressure and depression. Long-term sleep loss could even affect our ability to absorb nutrients, according to recent studies. 

If you’re not getting at least seven hours of sleep per night, the Centers for Disease control says you could be putting your health at risk — the question is: what can you do about it?  

How to Improve Your Sleep

To improve your sleep, experts suggest starting with the basics, which means avoiding any late-day caffeine, along with post-dinner alcohol or snacks. Good sleep hygiene also requires us to keep portable electronic devices away from our beds. In addition, there are two simple lifestyle changes that could help: spending more time in natural light and exercising more regularly during the day. Of course, many insomniacs turn to an array of pharmaceutical sleep aids to find relief — however, these aids often don’t work and some come with significant downsides (including severe side effects and high rates of addiction). 

If you are suffering from insomnia and choose not to take conventional sleep aids, there may be a healthier way to regulate your sleep, one that comes with few side effects and doesn’t require a prescription. 

Choosing CBD for Better Sleep 

While there is no definitive scientific research on CBD — a compound found in the cannabis plant — and sleep, early studies (including one published in the Journal of Pharmapsychology in 2013 which found CBD increased sleep time in rats), suggest the cannabinoid may have a sedative effect that could increase both sleep time and the quality of your zzzs. 

The safest and most immediate way to try CBD for sleep is a pure, lab-tested CBD oil. Of the many (many) CBD brands we’ve tried for sleep, we like Healist’s Sleep Drops the best. In addition to high-quality, triple-lab-tested CBD oil; Healist’s tincture contains valerian root, a soothing custom terpene blend, and, perhaps most importantly, boosted levels of the cannabinoid CBN, which many researchers believe contains sleep-inducing properties. Best of all, Healist Sleep Drops contain 0.0 % THC, which means there’s no risk of intoxicating side effects. The benefits of the Sleep Drops are threefold: They help with falling asleep faster, sleeping well through the night, and no grogginess when waking up. 

Beyond the high quality of its products, we like Healist because it’s a company with a conscience: Through June, Healist will donate a portion of every order to the NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact fund, created to aid non-profit services struggling with the health and economics effect of Coronavirus. They’ll also include fast, free shipping on every order. For more information on Healist Sleep Drops, visit

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