5 CBD Products for Summer Travel

Traveling with CBD products.

Should you travel with CBD products this summer? Image Credit: By Dmitry Galaganov on shutterstock.

Summer vacation season is upon us once again, and millions of Americans across the country are facing an age-old dilemma: what should I pack? Choosing the correct number of mini-shampoos or the right kind of sunscreen has never been easy, and this year there’s a new wrinkle to consider — should those products have CBD in them?

There’s a compelling case to be made that your answer should be “yes” (there’s also an argument that many CBD products are overpriced and dubiously effective, but let’s presume that you’re a savvy shopper with a knack for avoiding such traps). The main reason is this: CBD products can be quite versatile, and aside from “not weighing too much,” that’s one of the best qualities any travel product can have. If your antibacterial soap can also double as a moisturizer in a pinch, it’s a lot easier to justify sticking it in your suitcase.

If you’re planning on flying, however, proceed with caution. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) may have just relaxed its rules on flying with CBD, but the new regulations only permit products that come with a doctor’s authorization — something that your CBD-infused toothpaste is unlikely to have. Although you probably won’t run into problems (the TSA has publicly stated that their agents aren’t checking for CBD products), it’s worth keeping in mind to avoid any unwanted surprises.

These CBD Products May Make Your Next Trip a Little Easier

What makes a product “travel-friendly”? Your mileage may vary, but most people would agree that the following things are important: it should be lightweight, it shouldn’t be fragile, and it should serve a practical purpose in multiple situations you’re likely to encounter. These CBD products all fit the bill nicely:

CBD Sheet Masks for Dry Skin

As much as we enjoy it, vacation time can take a toll on the skin. The air conditioned environments of airplanes and hotel rooms can zap the skin of its natural oils, dramatic changes in your usual climate coupled with harsh chemicals in sunscreen products can dry out the complexion, and sun-scorched skin can become dehydrated, flakey, and (in severe cases) start to peel. When this happens, a CBD sheet mask could be just what your face needs.

These affordable and easy-to-use products take up little room in your luggage and are suitable for most skin types. If you have sensitive skin though, make sure to check through the list of ingredients first to avoid an unwanted reaction.

CBD Vape Pens for Travel Anxiety

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 6.5 percent of Americans suffer from aviophobia, or a fear of flying. If you’re one of them, and you find yourself feeling anxious about flying, vaping a high quality CBD e-liquid before you board could help you to relax and enjoy the trip. The same holds true for long car rides, boat trips, or less-typical means of transportation like horses.

“Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to consistently reduce anxiety,” according to physician Dr. Matt Montee. “For immediate relief, such as a panic attack or severe anxiety, smoking or vaping a high-CBD strain of cannabis can be very effective,” he added.

CBD Transdermal Patches for Body Pain

Traveling can be hard on your body: Long flights in plane seats, bumpy rides in cramped cars, and lugging around bags can all take a physical toll — especially on your back. Most travelers need pain relief, though, depending on where your going, preferred brands may be hard to find. In this case, transdermal skin patches which have been enhanced with CBD, could be for you.

CBD transdermal patches work the same way non-infused patches do: simply follow the instructions on the packaging and apply them to the skin on your lower back. CBD has a powerful natural anti-inflammatory effect, which means it can be at the very least reduce the intensity of back pain while you’re on vacation.

CBD Hair Oil Treatments for Scorched Hair

We tend to focus on protecting our skin while on vacation. But according to celebrity hairstylist Brigitte Philippides, you need to protect your hair, too. The high temperatures, sun exposure, chlorine, and salt water can all take a toll on your hair and scalp.

“Even though it can give you a great ‘beachy hair’ look with a lot of texture and wave, [these elements expose] hair to potential damage and breakage when brushing,” she told Stylecaster.

If you want to prevent any damage to your locks while travelling, a CBD hair oil treatment can help. These products are packed with essential oils, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and other compounds that can help keep your hair looking as good as it did the day you left.

CBD Gummies for Sleep

One of the biggest problems people have when traveling is an inability to sleep. Whether you’re crammed into a narrow plane seat, stuck in a car with screaming toddlers, or lying in a strange hotel bed in the middle of the night, sometimes you just want to close your eyes and drift away for a few hours.

Research has shown that CBD can help you sleep (in unexpected ways) and the convenience of individual gummies means it’s easy to pick the precise dose you need in any situation. If you’re looking for gummies that pack an extra punch, try to find ones with a higher content of CBN — this little-known cannabinoid is a powerful sleep aid, and you’ll wake up the next morning (or at the end of your trip) without feeling groggy or intoxicated.

Sarah Tyrrell
Sarah Tyrrell
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