A Relaxing Dose of Cannabis?

Marijuana for Relaxation and proper Dosing

Cannabis is known to have a number of mental and physical benefits such as helping with glaucoma as well as anxiety. Granted that some of the most important findings into cannabis research are relatively new, such as its potential benefit for cancer. However a lot of important discoveries have been made already, and cannabis has been shown to be reliable for treating a wide range of conditions. Research is currently picking up traction as more invest is being made within the industry for both recreational needs and medical needs.

Cannabis and Brain Protection

Cannabis has many strains, and several of them have been found to contribute to you helping you relax. A good example is the indica strain of cannabis. Studies show that this strain contains certain chemical compounds that can protect the neurons in your brain and induce a feeling of calm. Its protective effect on the human brain equally prevents the occurrence of epilepsy and several other diseases related to the central nervous system.

The name of the chemical involved is CBD which is also known as cannabidiol. It is a dominant cannabinoid found within both the cannabis and hemp plants. Aside from being used for epilepsy, this chemical can equally protect the human brain against spasms of multiple sclerosis and effects of trauma.

Furthermore, it has been found in both clinical trials as well as anecdotal evidence to be benefitcal for patients with Alzheimer’s. Studies have found it can reduce the actual damage to the brain caused by Alzheimer’s disease. The great thing about Cannabinol (CBD) is that it does not produce any psychoactive effects. This means that it doesn’t make people feel “high” like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) does. Studies suggest that the calm and balance induced on the brain by cannabis/marijuana is great for relaxation.

Cannabis for Creativity

One other great reason for incorporating cannabis in your daily life is its impact on creativity. Although some dosages and concentrations can have a side effect of making you tired, certain dosages can also improve your ability to focus and concentrate better there by improving your potential to be creative.

What does cannabis have to do with relaxation you ask? Studies show that cannabis can inspire both divergent and lateral thinking, which are the ingredients in progress and innovation. This, in turn, allows people not to get too worked up when confronted by opposing ideas. This is a common hindrance for people when they are trying to relax. Getting rid of the “what if’s” can be very useful here. Bear in mind however, that scientists are yet to come to a logical conclusion on how cannabis can bring about this effect. Further study as always is needed and more answers are coming.

Cannabis to Improve Productivity

The most important aspect for people enjoying their life is if they feel useful or that they have a purpose. Daily tasks and activities can be a mental hindrance to us if they are getting the way of things we’d prefer to be doing, or feel like we must do. Procrastination is one of the biggest culprits which can add to this. Things can even get worse when you are at work because expected productivity KPI’s (key performance indicators) are expected of you.

Medical cannabis or even some recreational versions which include THC are known to provide a calming effects on the body. While some people associate this with the high effect of “marijuana” this is not always the case. New treatments are being created which allow patients to experience the many benefits of both cannabinoids, CBD and THC, without any of the negative (getting high) side effects.

Cannabis For Stress Reduction

Like any medication, medical cannabis and CBD treatments can act strongly to treat conditions or they can be week or ineffective. One thing that is guaranteed, is that neither are a cure for any condition but mostly useful for treating symptoms or helping other treatments become more effective. Stress will always be an issue regardless of who you are and cannabis can be great at making it go away or at the every least reducing how stressed you feel.

If you are afraid of flying, cannabis will not make you fearless but it could reduce your stress and anxiety levels which could also be making you feel sick. Research into CBD for Cancer has found that CBD and forms of medical cannabis can be very beneficial in helping with the side effects of chemotherapy which are usually nausea and vomiting.

Cannabis – A Treatment for Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder where by those who have it find it very hard to get to sleep or staying asleep for a beneficial amount of time. The THC cannabinoid is thought to have benefits for insomnia patients. This is due to its mainly neurological effects within the brain via the endocannabinoid system. In it’s most basic form the studies found that the cannabinoids from cannabis, specifically THC and CBD can improve sleep when used together.

In relation to relaxation, we are seeing that while cannabis could be used to treat it directly, it can also be used to treat other contributing factors such as bad sleep, poor diet and even overall health through pain relief to help improve someones ability to relax.

Restlessness and fatigue can also have a huge impact on people’s stress levels during the day. Research involving 710 participants having chronic fatigue syndrome revealed that administration of cannabis could treat the problem effectively in about 89% of the concerned individuals. It must be used under the strict direction of medical personnel so that it can have the desired effect.

Cannabis Dosages for Relaxation?

While the scientific evidence behind the benefits of cannabis is still in the early stages the initial results are very encouraging. The benefits for people’s stress levels and productivity looks extremely promising. However it must also be pointed out that while there are legal treatments available, since detailed studies have not been carried out, those wishing to use cannabis for relaxation should do so safely and responsibly.

Prolonged use of cannabis based treatments which include THC could have negative mental side effects if over used or used for a long period of time. Furthermore the concentration of a CBD based treatment will also impact on how effective it is depending on how much is taken. Once a tolerance is created at a high concentration it could become harder to experience the benefits in the future. Before using any treatment for relaxation please consult with your doctor or registered medical professional before doing so.

Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty is a writer and multimedia producer for cannabisMD where she is constantly evaluating the continued growth of CBD and its presence in the news. Her research and writing on cannabis and CBD can be found at niamhtumilty.com.

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