How to Discover the Right CBD Product for You or Your Pet

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With the number of companies selling CBD products ever on the rise, how is anyone supposed to find the right product for them or their pets? Finding a CBD product that is verifiably safe and lab-tested, as well as your preferred form, style, and taste, is vital for you to test if CBD is the correct solution to add to your daily routine.

Enter askCMD. askCMD was created to help you navigate the noise and find a lab-tested, popular, effective product that matches you and your preference through an innovative quiz utilizing machine learning. With the surplus of companies entering the CBD market, it is more important than ever to purchase from companies that invest in the quality of their products, and demonstrate verifiable third-party lab results to prove it. Every single product on askCMD has been verified and is widely considered safe to use.

The proprietary askCMD quiz was created with input from a team of health professionals with decades of experience discovering how cannabinoids affect different people. The recommendations from the quiz are uniquely developed to match the core reasons that you are curious about CBD, and your preferences for form, style, and strength. What’s better, the team behind askCMD is an experienced and passionate team that has spent many years in the CBD, health, wellness and medical industries, there to offer the human touch to the algorithm.

askCMD was designed to remove the nonsense and marketing from CBD, and offer simple and meaningful recommendations to keep people happy, healthy, and safe. They firmly believe in the benefits of these products, and hope that you utilize the platform to find an amazing solution that you never would have discovered otherwise. After all, askCMD was built just for you, our curious adventurer.

Click here to try out the askCMD quiz and see which product it recommends for you!

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Editorial Staff
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