Niamh Tumilty

Illegal CBD in Iowa.

CBD Is Now Illegal in Iowa, But Why?

Hemp-derived CBD oil might be legal under U.S. federal law, but politicians and police departments in Iowa aren’t buying it […]
Teens using cannabis edibles and dabbing cannabis.

Study Finds More Teens Turning to Cannabis Edibles, Dabbing

According to a study published earlier this week, a growing number of cannabis-using teens in Colorado are trading flower for […]
Canada and U.S. cannabis convictions.

Should the U.S. Copy Canada’s Plan to Forgive Cannabis Convictions?

When Canada became the first wealthy country to legalize cannabis in 2018, many hailed it as a watershed moment in […]
QR codes for cannabis skin care.

Could QR Codes Make Cannabis Skin Care More Legitimate?

The cannabis craze has arrived in your medicine cabinet. Both luxury and drugstore skin care lines — and even those […]
Cannabis study for arthritis treatment.

Study: More Patients With Arthritis Say Cannabis Helps

Many of America’s 50 million arthritis sufferers are turning to cannabis to manage their painful symptoms, and — according to […]
Pinene terpenes that can be used to improve breathing.

The Pinene Terpenes in Cannabis Can Help You Breathe Easier

A growing body of research points to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) as a promising mechanism for treating or healing a […]
Cannabis terpenes for improving health.

A Little Eucalyptol Goes a Long Way for Medicinal Cannabis

Have you ever wondered what makes an orange smell fresh and citrusy, or what gives lavender its soothing scent? That […]
Cannabis terpene caryophyllene .

Caryophyllene: the Anti-Alcohol Cannabis Terpene

In the world of cannabis, terpenes are starting to have their moment. Most people have heard of THC, and more […]
Cannabis terpene linalool.

Understanding Linalool: The Strongest Smelling Cannabis Terpene

For a long time, the primary focus of cannabis studies has been the cannabinoid THC, and mostly for its psychoactive […]