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Potential benefits of CBD sleep drops

‘CBD Sleep Drops’ Are Not About Sleep At All

When you see the phrase “CBD sleep drops,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most […]
Reasons why Casper is using CBD in mattresses

Here’s Why Mattress Company Casper Is Getting Into CBD

Earlier this month, Casper announced the release of a new product that seems outside of their wheelhouse, considering they’re a […]
5 ways to spot illegal cannabis stores

5 Ways to Spot an Illegal Cannabis Dispensary

If you regularly shop at a cannabis dispensary, it probably never occurred to you that it might be an illegal […]
Key terms relating to cannabis, CBD and hemp

What’s a Cannabinoid? Key CBD Terms Every Consumer Should Know

New to the world of all things CBD? This is the guide for you. A lot of the lingo being […]
Reasons why cannabis can get you evicted in states where its legal

Even in Legal States, Cannabis Could Get You Evicted

When Illinois became the country’s 33rd state to legalize recreational cannabis, it was hailed as a step forward for social […]
U.S. Navy sailors not allowed to use CBD

Why Can’t Navy Sailors Use CBD?

All over (most of) the United States, Americans are free to buy and use CBD — at least the hemp-derived […]
CBD absent from Canadian natural health stores

Why You Won’t Find CBD in Canada’s Natural Health Stores

Walk into most natural health stores in the United States and it’s likely at least one end cap will be […]
CBD k-cups

Why You Should Be Wary of Those CBD K-Cups

Since they were first introduced in the 1990s, single-serving coffee pods have changed the way many Americans drink their morning […]
Edible CBD ban

CBD Edibles Ban Outrages Store Owners

After many months of indecision, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally taking a hard line on CBD edibles. […]