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scientific facts about CBD for cold sores

Here’s What Science Says About CBD and Cold Sores

Cold sores are rough, aren’t they? The aesthetics alone are bad enough, but to add injury to insult, they can […]
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How CBD May Affect Your Skin

By the year 2025, the market for skin care products infused with CBD is expected to be worth at least […]
Reasons for and against selling cannabis in spas

Should Spas Sell Cannabis?

Americans really like going to the spa. According to Statista, we made over 190 million trips there in 2018 alone. […]
The 4 things many people do not understand about CBD

4 Things No One Understands About CBD

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dropped its most recent CBD-related bombshell — a sternly-worded worded notice in late […]
Cannabis workers complaining about treatment at work

Complaints About Treatment of Cannabis Workers On the Rise

Recently, a job ad from the online magazine American Marijuana made waves across the internet by promising one lucky person […]
A calmer Thanksgiving with a CBD pumpkin pie recipe

Could a CBD Pumpkin Pie Recipe Bring a Calmer Thanksgiving?

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, stress is on the menu as often as the turkey — and most of […]
How standard THC units could make cannabis safer

How “Standard THC Units” Could Revolutionize Cannabis Safety

Of all the alcohol-related innovations over the last century or so, few have benefited drinkers more than the creation of […]
Why some colleges have banned the use of CBD

Is CBD Legal on College Campuses? The Answer Is Confusing

In many ways, CBD seems tailor-made for college students. They’re a famously stressed-out and sleep-deprived bunch, and CBD is widely […]
What brewing cannabis involves and how it compares to growing it

People Are Starting to ‘Brew’ Cannabis: Why It Matters

What do you imagine when you think about where your cannabis comes from? Do you picture rows of tall, leafy […]