Kerri Louise Watt

Learn about the impact of CBD in sport.

CBD for Sports: Exploring the Legal and Health Ramifications

More and more, athletes are finding ways to get CBD oil into their workout routines. It’s in their protein powders, […]
boosting crossfit workouts with CBD

How CBD Can Boost Your Crossfit Workouts

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CBD can be useful for working out at home.

How to Enhance Your Home Workout Plan With CBD

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Cannabis class is becoming popular in US colleges.

Cannabis Is An Increasingly Popular Class at American Universities

It may not surprise you that many American college kids are taking a keen interest in cannabis these days. However, […]
Using CBD, can it get you arrested?

Can You Get Arrested for Using CBD?

CBD seems to be everywhere these days, but its legal status can still be puzzling to the layperson. Laws vary […]
Is It Possible to Use Cannabis in Your Workout Routine?

Cannabis and Exercise: Should you Work it into Your Routine?

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Using Cannabis While Intermittent Fasting

Can Cannabis Help with Intermittent Fasting?

This story was updated with new reporting and data on September 4, 2019. It may seem like another diet fat, […]
Cannabis Induced Blood Flow

Cannabis Induced Blood Flow Helps Endurance & Recovery

We’ve heard time and time again about how detrimental obesity can be towards your health. In the United States, it’s […]