Kerri Louise Watt

Cannabis used by NFL players for health problems.

NFL to Consider Cannabis as Alternative to Prescription Meds

Al Harrington never played in the NFL, but the former basketball star is still encouraged about the league’s newfound openness […]
CBD products on sale at Urban outfitters.

Urban Outfitters May Be The Best Place to Buy CBD Beauty

Urban Outfitters has long attracted a young, hip clientele looking for the latest trends, so the fact its latest offering […]
Ben and Jerry's CBD ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s Could Release CBD Ice Cream With This Legal Loophole

Make room in your freezer: legendary ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has just launched a CBD-infused ice cream that […]
Seniors using more cannabis.

More Seniors Using Legal Cannabis, Study Finds

In the past few years, as more and more states have legalized both medical and even recreational cannabis, the plant […]
Chris Long on the stigma with cannabis.

Former NFL Star Chris Long Tackles Cannabis Stigma

For well over a decade, Chris Long was one of the most respected names in football. A college All-American and […]
Sports drinks with CBD.

CBD Sports Drinks Emerge as a Contender in the Space

Walk into any gym, weight room, or cycle studio, and you’re likely to encounter at least one person sipping on […]
CBD used for pain relief.

CBD Pain Relief Sprays for Athletes: Do They Work?

For many athletes, CBD has become an integral part of their pre- and post-workout routine. Its ability to reduce pain […]
cannabis users are excising more.

Despite Stereotypes, Study Finds Cannabis Users Exercise Frequently

Were the characters from “Cheech and Chong” lazy and unmotivated because they were cannabis users, or were they cannabis users […]
CBD workout supplements, are they hyped up?

Are CBD Fitness Supplements Worth the Hype?

Whether you’re a gym rat or not, chances are you’re familiar with fitness supplements. Step into any health store and […]