Joshua Neilly

FDA's chief's plan for CBD regulation.

A Former FDA Chief’s Plan to Expedite CBD Regulation

Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Scott Gottlieb might not have made much headway on CBD regulation while he […]
High doses of CBD oil.

Here’s Why the FDA Says You Should Be Careful With CBD

After months of vague proclamations and bureaucratic obfuscation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally getting serious about […]
Online retailers no longer selling CBD products

Online Retailers Forced to Quit Selling Popular CBD Products

As you may have heard, cannabidiol (CBD) is quite popular at the moment, and businesses are falling over themselves to […]
The high cost of CBD.

Why Is CBD So Expensive?

Even if you have only the vaguest awareness of cannabidiol (CBD), you probably know that 1) it comes from cannabis, […]
China is making CBD oil.

How China Became a Major Player in the Global CBD Game

China has quietly become the world’s biggest producer of hemp, taking advantage of the booming global demand for the oil […]
CVS and Walgreens are selling CBD oil and its big.

Why It Matters That Walgreens and CVS Are Now Selling CBD Oil

In the last week, CVS and Walgreens, the nation’s largest pharmacy chains, have announced they will begin selling cannabidiol (CBD) […]
How fast is the CBD business growing?

CBD: The Next Gold Rush? (Just How Fast Is the CBD Business Growing?)

In the past few years, we’ve all watched the cannabidiol (CBD) industry explode. In fact, the growth of CBD — […]