Jordan Person, LMT, LPN

Ways the cannabis industry is changing the spa industry

How Cannabis Is Changing the Spa Industry

Recently, I was invited to the first-ever American Spa CBD Summit to speak on a panel about how the popular […]
Potential ways cannabis topicals can be useful for skiers

Could Cannabis Topicals Help Skiers?

I’m a cannabis nurse and topicals maker in Colorado, where people love skiing. Now that ski season is in full […]
Reasons why New Zeland could be the next country to legalize cannabis

Will New Zealand Be the Next Country to Legalize Cannabis?

Recently, I was invited to Napier, New Zealand to teach my course on cannabis massage. Because the political climate in […]
The ways a cannabis massage can help with chronic pain

How Cannabis Massage Could Help With Chronic Pain

As a nurse, a massage therapist, and a regular human, I’ve seen firsthand how drastically pain can affect people’s lives. […]
Why this person has been giving their dogs CBD for years

How CBD Helped Heal My Dogs’ Pain and Anxiety

All dog owners are partial to their four-legged friends, and I’m no exception. I’m pretty sure I own two of […]
The connection between sleep and cannabis massages

Could Cannabis Massage Help You Sleep Better?

When you don’t get a good night’s rest, it can throw your whole day off, as most of us know […]
An expert weighs in on cannabis topicals for treating atopic dermatitis

Ask An Expert: Can Cannabis Topicals Help Atopic Dermatitis?

If you’re living with atopic dermatitis, you probably don’t need to be told what a (literal) pain it can be. […]
How a massage with cannabis could help with depression

Ask an Expert: Can Cannabis Massage Relieve Depression?

Depression is one of the most challenging — and common — mental health issues in the world today. According to […]
Cannabis used topicals to help women's bodies

How Cannabis Topicals Can Help Women’s Bodies

In the United States, cannabis is now more popular than ever, and women’s swiftly-changing attitudes about the plant are a […]