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Facts from scientists on CBD and mental health

What Scientists Say About CBD and Mental Health

On October 10, 1992, people across the globe commemorated the first World Mental Health Day. Nearly three decades later, a […]
Study results on choline and fetal brains.

Science Finds Choline May Protect Fetal Brains Against Cannabis

According to a newly released study from researchers at the University of Colorado-Denver, a micronutrient called choline could help protect […]
Brazilian CBD study results on aggression.

Study Shows CBD May Help Curb Aggression

Building on research findings that have shown CBD’s potential in the treatment of varied mood disorders, a new Brazilian study […]
Ways in which CBD can give you bad dreams.

Can CBD Really Give You Bad Dreams?

CBD’s relaxing, anti-anxiety benefits may help those who have trouble sleeping, but can something scary happen once the lights go […]
Cannabis resin for medical purposes.

Why Resin Is the Key to Medical Cannabis Quality

If you’re a medical cannabis patient who prefers to consume the plant in its most minimally-processed form — commonly known […]
Cannabis shatter.

The Argument Against: Cannabis Shatter

For medical cannabis users, the variety of safe and effective ways to use the plant has never been greater. Those […]
Using cannabis for a deeper sleep.

How Cannabis May Affect REM Sleep

Rapid-eye movement, or REM, sleep is one of two types of sleep (the other being, perhaps a bit obviously, non-REM […]
Melatonin and CBD for sleep.

Melatonin vs. CBD: Which Is Better for Sleep?

Most of us know the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to […]
Using cannabis for anger management.

Can Cannabis Be An Effective Treatment for Anger?

It’s safe to assume that everyone has experienced anger, at least in some capacity. The triggers, causes, and consequences of […]