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September 25, 2018
Top Ten Tips for Men to choose the right Razor

10 Tips for Choosing a Good Razor for Men

Choosing a razor might not seem like a big life decision that requires much painful deliberation. Although it certainly doesn’t […]
September 24, 2018
How to slow down hair loss and why hair falls out

What Causes Hair to Fall out and How to Slow It Down

Hair loss is a symptom of a great many medical conditions which causes huge embarrassment and decline in self esteem. […]
September 24, 2018
Cannabinoids to Treat Corneal Pain

Using Cannabinoids to Treat Corneal Pain

Damage to the cornea can result in the pain signals from the cornea becoming dysfunctional, increasing sensitivity and producing random […]
September 24, 2018
Usign the ECS to combat pain and inflammation

Targeting the ECS for Pain and Inflammation Relief

There have been few major developments in the area of analgesia for decades. The most recent was opioids in the […]
September 23, 2018
Cannabis as a reliable treatment for Epilepsy

Features That Make Cannabis Reliable for Treating Epilepsy

CBD and THC as Anticonvulsants Cannabis has been used for years for the treatment of several diseases. CBD is the […]
September 23, 2018
Calming allergic reactions from makeup

How to Calm an Allergic Reaction to Makeup

We’ve all had an allergic reaction to a new makeup product at some stage. The variety of ingredients which are […]
September 22, 2018
Cancer Survivors beauty trend in scar tattoos

Scar Tattoos – the Latest Beauty Trend for Cancer Survivors

In the past we associated tattoos with punk rockers, bikers and gang members. Tattoos were seen as something that would […]
September 21, 2018
A possible therapy for alcohol addiction, cannabiniods

Cannabinoids and Alcohol Addiction – A Possible Therapy?

Levels of endocannabinoids are different in certain areas of the brains of people who have undergone chronic alcohol exposure. This […]
September 21, 2018
Essential oils and aromatherapy for sleep

Aromatherapy for Sleep – Which Essential Oils Work Best

Two thirds of American adults struggle to get enough sleep. For most of us, a good quality sleep is the […]