Andrea Drummer

The first Cannabis Cafe in America.

What It’s Like To Open America’s First Cannabis Café

Later this month, Chef (and cannabisMD food editor) Andrea Drummer will open the nation’s first cannabis café, Lowell Farms, with […]
Using CBD during brunch.

A Chef’s Argument for CBD-Infused Brunch

Brunch could easily be considered America’s favorite meal. It’s as famous as a Spanish siesta, as hearty as an Ethiopian […]
Chocolate infused with cannabis.

Understanding the Complex Business of Cannabis Edibles

As a cannabis chef, I hear a recurring complaint from friends and industry colleagues: sourcing quality and properly-dosed edibles is […]
Fine dining with cannabis.

What’s Old Is New: The Rise of Fine Cannabis Cuisine

Remember when medical professionals would warn against consuming alcohol alone at home? Even folks you’d consider friends would “drink shame” […]
Discover why athletes like CBD super foods.

On Athletes and CBD Super Foods

What makes a great athlete is relentless dedication and a discipline that eludes the average human. It’s the ability to […]
Delcious leftovers infused with CBD

The Best Way To Use CBD May Be in a Dinner Do-Over

Sorting out what to do with last night’s leftovers can be quite the conundrum. That’s why, each night, uninspired leftover […]
Find out if CBD can make your diet healthier.

How Women Can Balance a Healthy Diet with CBD

For better or worse, women tend to be fixated with our weight, our health, and veiled insecurities surrounding the two. […]
Cities might be changing with the introduction of cannabis restaurants

Will Cannabis Restaurants Change Cities?

Explore the streets of any culturally-diverse neighborhood in America and you’ll happen upon an array of inviting aromas that seem […]
history of cannabis edibles

The Evolution of Cannabis Edibles: Past, Present and Future

Mutter the word “edibles” among a group of friends and it’ll likely set off a cyclone of colorful conversation full […]