About Us

CannabisMD is the resource connecting the vast information, research, opinion, and stories about this gift called Cannabis, a plant that is millions of years old and is re-emerging as one of the most powerful and effective medicines for humankind. In a world where science, medicine, politics and religion are rapidly changing, the sheer abundance of information, news and media is astounding. CannabisMD has embarked on an epic undertaking to gather, sort, and make sense of all there is to know about the role cannabis plays in the future of our society.

To the vast majority of the population, Cannabidiol (CBD) is unknown… but to the media, doctors, scientists, law enforcement officers and politicians, CBD is becoming one of the biggest buzzwords in their vernacular. So, to begin, we start by answering some basic questions to help clarify the conversation about what is CBD?

Next we look to the experts, examining the science behind this cannabis plant. Our Cannabis Research Project has begun to collect, sort, and explain the thousands of ever growing Scientific Research and Studies laying the foundation for the exploration of CBD and its properties. Then, we take a look at what we can see with our own eyes in our Videos section.  CannabisMD has amassed one of the largest libraries of people documenting and providing testimonials of how CBD healed their serious ailments.

Join us each week to engage in our original Articles about CBD and the Stories of courage and strength as we take you into the lives of these Parents, Children, Brothers, and Sisters whose lives are being changed for the better through the use of CBD.

Message From The CEO and Co-Founder:
Why I Created CannabisMD

“My youngest daughter, London, when she was around 2 years old, starting having Grand Mal Seizures that locked her into a terrifying, frozen-like state for 2-5 minutes which is an eternity when your child is held prisoner in a paralytic seizure.

Additionally, my little brother suffers from chronic pain due to a tragic hockey accident that left him paralyzed. As a family, we didn’t know which was worse, the chronic pain or the opioids he had to take to endure the daily, agonizing pain that he suffers from.

Cannabodiol, CBD freed my brother from using opioids and has been documented to relieve thousands of children from epileptic seizures – many permanently. After seeing that CBD has this same type of healing effect for others, I made it a personal mission to share the Cannabis healing properties of the cannabis plant with the world.

My hope is that CannabisMD, and this particular research project, provides you with the data and resources to make more informed decisions about how to use CBD and the cannabis plant as a whole.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about CannabisMD and reading the original, high quality articles on each site. And please let us know of your experiences with CBD and the cannabis plant or how it has affected the lives of your family and friends…we truly want to hear from you so others can learn your experiences to better their own lives.”

Kindest Regards,

Rory Millikin
Co-Founder and CEO