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About Us

cannabisMD, the world’s online authority for medical cannabis & CBD, is a digital media brand that provides comprehensive unbiased information for consumers on the potential therapeutic uses of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD). By providing a destination with premium and trustworthy content – including original articles, research, podcasts, video and more – we are empowering consumers to take control of their health and wellness journey.

cannabisMD is the resource connecting the vast information, research, opinion, and stories about this gift called cannabis, a plant that is millions of years old and is re-emerging as one of the most powerful and effective medicines for humankind. In a world where science, medicine, politics, and religion are rapidly changing, the sheer abundance of information, news, and media is astounding.

cannabisMD has embarked on an epic undertaking to gather, sort, and make sense of all there is to know about the role cannabis plays in the future of our society.

To the vast majority of the population, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is unknown but to the media, doctors, scientists, law enforcement officers and politicians, CBD and medical cannabis are becoming one of the biggest buzzwords in their vernacular. So, to begin, we start by answering some basic questions to help clarify the conversation about”What is CBD?”.

Next, we look to the experts, examining the science behind this cannabis plant. Our Cannabis Research Project has begun to collect, sort, and explain the thousands of ever-growing  Research and Studies laying the foundation for the exploration of CBD, medical cannabis and their medical properties. Then, we take a look at what we can see with our own eyes in our Videos section. cannabisMD has amassed one of the largest libraries of people documenting and providing testimonials of how CBD healed their serious ailments.

Join us each week to engage in our original Articles about CBD, medical cannabis and the stories of courage and strength as we take you into the lives of these Parents, Children, Brothers, and Sisters whose lives are being changed for the better through the use of CBD and medical cannabis.

cannabisMD is part of Miraculo Inc., a new integrated media company with plans to launch a portfolio of verticals in the cannabis space.