Finding a Designated Provider

Under the Washington State law, qualified patients are allowed to appoint a designated provider to produce medical marijuana for their personal use. A designated provider is not the same as a caregiver, who is responsible for the health, safety and well-being of the patient. The sole responsibility of a designated provider is to grow and supply the patient's medicine.

A designated provider may only have one patient at a time and is prohibited from using the patient's medicine, unless the provider is also a qualified patient. A designated provider may possess no more than fifteen cannabis plants and no more than twenty-four ounces of usable cannabis for one patient, in accordance with DOH Guidelines. If a person is both a qualifying patient and a designated provider for another qualifying patient, (s)he may possess no more than twice the allowable amounts.

Designated providers are allowed to accept monetary compensation for expenses incurred as part of growing medical-grade marijuana. Designated providers should post the patient’s medical authorization in the garden, along with a short note designating him as a medicinal provider for the patient.

According to the 2011 amendment to RCW 69.51A, a qualifying patient may revoke the designation of a specific provider and designate a different provider at any time. A revocation of designation must be in writing, signed and dated. The designated provider protections cease to apply seventy-two hours after receipt of the patient's revocation of designation.

A person may stop serving as a designated provider to a given qualifying patient at any time. However, that person may not begin serving as a designated provider to a different qualifying patient until fifteen days have elapsed from the date the last qualifying patient designated him or her to serve as a provider.

If you are a patient in search of a designated provider, at Lifevine Collective Network our motto is "patients helping patients". Please see how to join Lifevine. Feel free to email us with any questions.

If you are a provider, you may be interested in the information and tips for growing medical marijuana.

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