Lifevine Collective Network

*Lifevine Collective Network is a not-for-profit membership organization of patients, who work together, pooling resources to produce the highest quality medical marijuana at the lowest cost. Unlike a buyer's club or dispensary, Lifevine does not buy marijuana and resell it to patients. In a collective garden, qualifying patients share responsibility for the resources required to produce and process medical cannabis.

The recent amendment to Washington State medical marijuana law, effective July 22nd, 2011, allows qualifying patients to legally participate in a collective garden network for the purpose of producing, processing, transporting and delivering medical cannabis. Lifevine has been operating in this manner since 1999.

P-Patch Pot Gardens in The Evergreen State

How to Join Lifevine Collective Network

As of June 1, 2010 medical cannabis authorizations issued by doctors must be printed on special tamper-proof paper. This precaution greatly reduces the risk of falsification; therefore, we no longer have to verify patients' identity. That speeds up and simplifies the enrollment process greatly. If you are a patient interested in joining Lifevine Collective Network, you may now initiate the process.

  • a copy of your doctor's authorization;
  • a copy of your WA State Driver's License or State ID;
  • your current contact information and current contact information for your doctor.

Upon joining the Network, Lifevine members must sign a membership agreement, which explains their legal rights and responsibilities under WA State law, RCW 69.51a.

4. Still need a medical authorization?

If your condition can be legally treated with medical cannabis under the Washington State law, but you don't have a doctor's authorization, you need to have the discussion with your doctor. If he/she sees fit to recommend medical cannabis, your doctor must fill out an official authorization form. Make sure the current version of the form is being used. The form must be printed on special tamper-resistant paper only your doctor can obtain.

If you don't have a doctor willing to authorize your use of medical cannabis our information on finding a physician may help you find a more open-minded medical provider. It has become a little easier since I-5798 became law in June of 2010.

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  • The word “cooperative” is used in agriculture to describe a group of growers who own and operate an organization to market the fruits of their labor for mutual financial gain.

  • The word “collective” is used in agriculture to describe a group of growers who actually farm together, working in a closed system, on a not-for-profit basis, with no outside market.

  • Sharing resources among a small group of patients who produce marijuana for their personal use is now legal under Washington state law, RCW: 69.51A.


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