Expanding Awareness of
Nature's Greatest Medicine

CANNABIS MD: the Medical Defense  
For Patients, Healthcare Practitioners and Research Scientists

olyGov. Chris Gregoire signs SB6032.
Martin Martinez (far right) present at the signing


In 1996, Martin Martinez raised the first medical necessity defense in Seattle before medical marijuana was made legal by popular vote in 1998. Martin's physician filed the original Medical Use Act. In 1999, Martin Martinez founded Lifevine Collective, the first medical cannabis collective in Washington State. In 2000, his first book was published, titled, The New Prescription: Marijuana as Medicine. An updated version of that book is now online at: CannabisMedicalDictionary.org. Martin Martinez remains Washington's only court-appointed expert witness on the use and cultivation of nature's greatest medicine. He has testified in dozens of cases for other marijuana patients in trouble with the law. He has also testified before the state legislature on numerous occasions. Lifevine Collective became the model for medical cannabis collective legislation sponsored by Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles.

Cannabis Common Sense 839 with Martin Martinez, 5/20/16

Medical Marijuana at Town Hall 12.21.13

Recommendations from a Medical Marijuana Expert, Martin Martinez on SB6178 on 1/5/14



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